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CropTopia Pink Fundraising Event

 2016  - CANCELLED

Unfortunately we had insufficient interest to carry on with this event and have decided to cancel CropTopia Pink.


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Below are some photos from CropTopia Pink 2015:

Scrapbooking in progress

CropTopia IRON CROPPER Competition - 2015

We put everyone’s name into a bucket and drew three names. These three ladies got to compete for CropTopia’s IRON CROPPER prize.  With only the items provided, they had 10 minutes to produce their masterpiece. Everyone gathered around to cheer on their favorite cropper.  With the projects completed, the IRON CROPPER was selected by judging which of the ladies’ projects received the loudest cheers.

The three contestants with their “blank canvas” - a plastic wooden photo frame and duck tape

The final masterpieces

Run Day - 2015

With Lisa  and Daniel, and their family now living south of Montreal, we did not participate in the Run this year. However, the funds raised at CropTopia Pink still went to support the CIBC run for the Cure.

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